Reminder that this blog is deactivated, please visit my new blog:


Yep . . . finally moving on.  Not just re-vamping this one, but actually moving onto a different domain.  I've outgrown "The Never-Ending Playlist of a Psycho" long ago, especially since this blog is no longer music-oriented.  The new blog will contain more personal posts as well as posts about sewing (hence the name).  The new name isn't official quite yet, but I'm pretty happy with where things are going right now.  There will be more layout changes and things that will be tweaked once I get settled onto the new domain.  Things look sad and bare, but do no despair, the new blog will hopefully perk up a bit.  I will gradually bring back some of these posts onto this new blog as some of them would still be relevant.  Lastly, while I'll still keep my screen name (Tenebris In Lux), you can start calling me by a name I'm planning to start going by IRL and here online: Klaude.

TL;DR: Yada yada yada, new changes and stuff, new blog, new alias, come aboard.

It was a fun handful of years with this blog.  But it was time to say goodbye.

-- Klaude